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Great experience at our diagnostic appointment.
4 weeks ago
- Ryan O.
We saw Dr Berry for our newborn as she was needing a further evaluation. She was so good with our baby and our 7 yr old who just happened to be with us. I highly recommend her for all of your optometry needs; their entire office is so welcoming and our experience was phenomenal.
1 month ago
- Berenice A.
Very friendly staff and caring doctor!
1 month ago
- Syed T.
We love Dr. Berry! Our entire family goes to her. She is patient, takes the time to listen to your concerns, does research, and goes the extra mile to explain what is going on. We never have to wait long to see her. Her office is efficient, and her staff is helpful and friendly. Wonderful experience! Highly recommend Dr. Berry!
1 month ago
- Missy F.
Dr Berry is so personable, she really has the charm with kids, my daughter absolutely felt comfortable with the comprehensive eye exam Dr. Berry performed on her. In my words to my sister who recommended her, I said "wow! I have never seen or experienced a total, comprehensive eye exam before (note that I myself use glasses), done with so much interest in the patient, professionalism, care and compassion! I cannot say it all in the space I'm provided here to speak of Dr Berry, I'm just happy we found her.
2 months ago
- Tee J.
Dr. Berry is such a knowledgeable, patient and kind doctor. I was referred to Dr. Berry after I noticed that I was struggling with double vision, particularly in my left eye. Dr. Berry was so encouraging from the moment I stepped in her office. She told me that my condition can often be mistaken as dyslexia, which is something that I have struggled with my whole life. I always thought that I would struggle with words moving around on a page whenever I tried to read and that this condition was completely non-fixable. I started Vision Therapy with Dr. Berry this past summer. I started completing the therapy by using an online program that she enrolled me in virtually at home and would go to Dr. Berry's office for monthly check-ins. I went from doing virtual vision therapy daily to only doing it about once a month. I noticed a huge decrease in my double vision and felt so much more confident reading and just doing daily tasks at work. I am a special education teacher so I am constantly doing paperwork and needing to read over lengthy documents. I feel like I am more productive at my job now and I can finish my paperwork much faster now. Even though my condition is something that will never truly go away, I have confidence that I can combat it and prevent the onset of symptoms with therapy when the symptoms arise again. I am forever grateful for Dr. Berry and felt so comfortable through the whole treatment process. She is an incredible doctor and I highly recommend Vision Advancement Center for all your eye care needs! Thank you, Dr. Berry!
2 months ago
- Breanna C.
My husband and I were so impressed with Dr Berry.:: her professional ism, her kindness and her extensive testing if my vision problem. I am excited with my new glasses RX and am very hopeful for my future sight!
2 months ago
- Debbie C.