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If I could give her 10 stars, I would do it!!


My husband has seen Dr Berry several times over the past several years. She is always very professional and very friendly. She takes the time needed to answer all your questions and is very helpful. If I could give her 10 stars, I would do it!!

- Carolyn R. - Google Review 2020

Dr. Berry is literally my favorite doctor!


It’s common for people to have eye issues when a neurological disease or brain injury happens. I happen to have both. Dr. Berry has helped me with double vision, nostagmus and other problems
. She’s a great doctor and she’s fun ! ☺️

- Stephanie D. - Google Review 2019

Morgan O.


vt story morgan min cropped

My Experience: Therapy helped my reading and the homework was fun!

My Child’s Experience: Morgan’s experience with Vision Therapy was very positive. The activities at home did not too too much time each day and often were fun! We have seen very positive improvements in her reading and handwriting. The entire experience has been great.

- Morgan O.

Matthew L.


vt story matthew min cropped

My Experience:  It helped me to not lose my place when I read. Before I had to start over…now I always remember.

My Child’s Experience: Matthew had a hard time with reading. It took him so long to decode the words, he would lose his place. Vision Therapy has helped his eyes and brain work together better and made his reading easier.

- Matthew L.

Luke L.


vt story luke min cropped

My Child’s Experience: As a parent, I struggled to find the right therapist/doctor to diagnose Lukeys eye condition. Dr. Berry very quickly diagnosed Luke and gave me a clear plan for therapy. Dr. Berry and Kendra have done an amazing job helping Luke to strengthen his eyes, He is doing really well in school. His grades have improved tremendously.

Luke loves coming to Vision Therapy. While the sessions can be very challenging, Dr. Berry and Kendra have a very special way of encouraging Luke along. Luke has become very comfortable with them and his eyes have improved a great deal.

- Luke L.

Landon B.


vt story landon

My Experience:  At the very beginning it was hard then it got easier and easier. My double vision has gone away because of Vision Therapy. I have had a blast and I am happy I went here.

My Child’s Experience: My son completed the 12 weeks of Vision Therapy and saw drastic improvements. He is more confident in school and his grades have improved. I have also noticed improvements in his baseball skills since starting therapy. Better at hitting and pitching the ball. We are SO GRATEFUL to Dr. Berry and ALL of her staff for working so hard with my son. I would highly recommend this place.

- Landon B.

Jocelyn Y.


vt story jocelyn min cropped

My Experience: Vision Therapy rally helped me become more connected and work together more. I have already noticed changes when I play tennis. Before I would have had a hard time trying to tell where the ball is. Now I am able to find more balls and hit them better than ever. My overall outcome of Vision Therapy has helped me a lot.

My Child’s Experience: We have noticed a dramatic change in how long her homework takes as well as a huge confidence boost since she has started Vision Therapy. She enjoyed the exercises and weekly sessions. We are so proud of her and the success of the program.

- Jocelyn Y.

Caleb F.


vt success story caleb

My Experience:  I had trouble with space and spelling words. After working with Ms. Kendra, I could see and hear all the letters in a word. Now people can actually read my writing. Plus I like to write now.

My Child’s Experience: Caleb was diagnosed dyslexic when he was seven and he just struggled in general. Dr. Berry identified tracking issues. After several sessions, we noticed extreme improvements in reading and writing. Plus, his attention to detail has gotten so much better.

- Caleb F.

Noah F.


vt success story noah

My Experience:  I struggled with reading. It was hard to sound out the words. After working with Dr. Berry, it got easier and I can read a whole chapter in a book.

My Child’s Experience: Noah had a lack of interest in reading. We all just assumed it wasn’t his “thing.” After working with Dr. Berry, we noticed that he reads everything. Even his 2nd-grade teacher noticed his spike of interest, increased reading level (on level now) and ability to comprehend. He’s a natural.

- Noah F.

Julee N.


VT Success—Julee N 1


My Experience:  It's been really good. The staff has helped my eyes get better at seeing things more clearly. You have really helped me grow.

My Child’s Experience: We feel the experience has been a challenge for Julee but she has worked really hard. Even days when she may not have wanted to do the homework she did. We feel like some of when progress has shown with other activities. Thank you.

- Julee N.

Ben K.


VT Success—Ben K 1


My Experience: I think the activities were fun and I liked the treasure box.

My Child’s Experience: My son has experienced huge improvements in his tracking and focusing since starting Vision Therapy a couple of months ago. We have noticed a great improvement in his reading and concentration. We are so happy that we found Vision Advancement Center.

- Ben K.

Molli M.


VT Success—Molli M.

My Experience: It was so much fun and I love how I get to come here and play games. It was so much fun with Mrs. Kendira!

My Child’s Experience: We are so grateful for Vision Advancement Center. We've noticed growth in Moll's reading fluency and speed in reading. She has a better awareness of letters, numbers, and symbols that she typically reverses, but this has now been reduced. Molli will miss Vision Therapy and the sweet friendship she's made with her therapist, Ms. Kendra. She is more confident in her ability to perform academically, in extracurriculars, and in everyday activities!

- Molli M.

Ellie J.


VT Sucess—Ellie J.

My Child’s Experience: Elizabeth had an awesome experience with Vision Therapy. Her vision processing dysfunction has seen immense improvement. Her reading scores have improved and so has her attitude toward school. We couldn't be happier with the results of Dr. Berry's treatment!

- Ellie J.